Hönger AG
Präzision mit Leidenschaft - Precision with passion

Contract work for cost-effective precision parts 

From prototype production to medium-sized series, we offer you our production facilities for your precision parts.


With automatic saws, Hönger AG processes solid material, pipes or profiles of almost all standard materials from Ø 2 mm to Ø 200 mm with a tolerance of 
+/- 0.05 mm and a rod length of up to 6 m.

  • Automatic sawing of solid material, pipes or profiles of common materials
  • Part sizes: ø 2 mm to ø 200 mm
  • Precision saws ø 2 mm to ø 35 mm to +/- 0.02 mm
  • Rod length up to 6 m 


Ultrasonic cleaning

In order to achieve the desired cleanliness, Hönger AG uses various methods for ultrasonic cleaning. A distinction is made primarily between polar (swarf, salts, water, grinding dust) and nonpolar contamination (greases, oils, resins).  

  • Ultrasonic treatment in the aqueous and solvent range for metals, non-ferrous metals and temperature-resistant plastics
  • Part sizes: 420 x 280 x 140 mm
  • Cleanroom-compatible cleaning including packaging up to cleanroom class ISO-5 

Vibratory grinding

Grinding abrasives and workpieces are moved relative to one another in the working container of the machines, with the water and compound controlling the required surface treatment. The main advantage of this is the very economical deburring and edge trimming up to high-gloss polishing of highly sensitive workpieces.

  • Economical and even rounding
  • Part sizes: diagonals up to 170 mm 


Precision milling

Our semi-automated and fully automated CNC milling centres are flexible for small to large quantities. This ensures cost-effective production with the highest accuracy and reproducibility.

  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining
  • Machining centres horizontal up to
  • X 760 / Y 730 / Z 800 mm
  • Vertical machining centres up to
  • X 1100 / Y 600 / Z 560 mm
  • Accuracies up to 0.002 mm
  • Thread <M 1.0
  • Specialized for small dimensions 

Flat and profile grinding

Small parts from 5 cubic mm up to 1600 mm in length are machined into their final, high-precision shape. The tolerances required are less than 0.001 mm. Various materials such as antimagnetic steels and carbon fibber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are processed.

For the highest possible efficiency, Hönger AG has been using high-end grinding machines for years to achieve the highest precision in economical production, for example when grinding linear guides.

  • Workpieces with a length of max. X 1850 / Y 500 / Z 450 mm
  • Highest precision <1 μm
  • Processing of various materials such as antimagnetic steels as well as carbon fibber reinforced plastics (CFRP)
  • Economical production with 180 ° tilting table for unloading and loading during the grinding cycle


Precision assembly

The large production depth of Hönger AG makes it possible to produce complete assemblies from a single source. Assemblies are assembled from a combination of the manufactured, assembled and purchased parts - from the simple assembly of individual parts up to the complex assembly of entire machine assemblies. Mechanically, pneumatically, hydraulically and electrically, Hönger AG attaches importance to the highest quality, even with large series of several
10, 000 pieces.

  • Complete assembly of micromechanical assemblies or machines
  • Functional models up to series production
  • Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic
  • Customized packaging
  • Guaranteed spare parts 


Laser marking

Marking is increasing in importance. The workpieces can be laser-marked and individually packaged according to customer requirements. This procedure makes it possible to mark batch numbers, serial numbers, run number, date,
QR codes, company logo and more on metals or plastics.

  • Laser surface up to X 120 / Y 120 mm
  • Marking of metals and plastics
  • Batch numbers, serial numbers, date, QR codes and more
  • Required file formats: dfx or dwg 

Prototype manufacturing

In the field of special manufacturing, the core competence lies in the efficient production of complex workpieces of individual parts and small batches. Small batches are often required for prototyping in this context. Here we offer you the highest degree of flexibility and speed in implementation.

  • 3- and 5-axis CNC machining
  • Vertical machining centres up to
  • X 1100 / Y 600 / Z 560 mm
  • Accuracy <0.01 mm
  • CNC turning with driven tools
  • Rod diameter max. 45 mm
  • Rotating diameter max. 220 mm